Hillside Church Family,

We are amazed at how God has blessed Hillside over the years. He has blessed us with a church body that is overflowing with gifts, talents, and generosity! When I try to think of the words to adequately express my heart for what I feel for all of you, words fail me. Watching you from week to week, using your time, your God given talents, gifts, and finances is truly remarkable and an inspiring thing to see. I said it before and I will say it again, I believe God is preparing us, this church, for something special, and I think many of you feel it also.

This last summer, we as a church made a decision to embrace Kingdom Builders as a vehicle to drive our mission’s heart through generous giving. Kingdom Builders is committed to extravagant generosity, that goes above-and-beyond the tithe, that supports missions, both locally and globally around the world. Together we want to be a local church that has a global heart.

As we prepare for 2023, we would like to establish a plan and set some goals for potential projects that we as a church would like to get behind for Building God’s Kingdom – this report is that. It is a reflection of what our church has been able to do this last year, and a road map of projects we feel God leading us to be a part of for this coming year. As a church, we believe that God has called us to be proactive in reaching our world with the gospel message. Jesus said, “Go.” He said, “You will be my witnesses.” He called us to be “salt” and “light” in this world – that’s our purpose, that’s what he has called us to. He’s called us to be “Kingdom Builders.”

Our goal and our budget for this year’s Kingdom Builders is $100,000, and I believe together we can do it. As we journey down this path as a church, I would like to encourage everyone here at Hillside to do something. I want you to dream big: God can do more than we think He can.

1 Corinthians 10:31 says, “So whether you eat or drink, or whatever you do, do it all for the glory of God.”

With His help, together we can do things that will ripple throughout all of eternity for His glory!

Pastors Mark & Amy Miltimore

Disaster Relief

Convoy of Hope is on the Move

Below: A Ukrainian field bears the mark of Russian shelling.
UKRAINE: This last year has brought devastation to the Ukrainian people. War has ravaged their homes, their lives, and their families. Thousands of people have been displaced, fleeing their homes as bombs and missiles wreak havoc behind them.

Moved by compassion for this situation, Convoy of Hope was quickly on the scene. Convoy of Hope is a faith-based organization with a driving passion to feed the world through children’s feeding initiatives, community outreach, and disaster response. As a church, we are proud to support Convoy of Hope through our Kingdom Builders giving.In 2022, Hillside Church partnered with Convoy of Hope to help feed and house Ukrainian refugees on the Poland-Ukraine border.

It is still incredibly dangerous to be in Ukraine. Recent bombing has seriously damaged 40% of the country’s power grid. Rolling blackouts in Kyiv have become a daily occurrence. More than 800,000 homes have been damaged or destroyed since the war began in February. On top of it all, the traditionally brutal Ukrainian winter is beginning.

But Convoy of Hope remains committed to providing food, water, and relief supplies to people suffering from the conflict. And Hillside Church remains committed to giving towards exactly that. 
FORT MEYERS, FLORIDA: It’s been more than five weeks since Hurricane Ian made landfall in Florida, and Convoy of Hope has been there from the start. As needs in the aftermath of the storm change, Convoy is planning and implementing long-term, sustainable assistance.

“Just like with [Hurricane] Ida last year, we’ll be spending the next 6 to 12 months identifying and helping families who are underinsured and in need of assistance to recover from Hurricane Ian,” said Convoy’s Vice President of Disaster Services Stacy Lamb.

Convoy will continue distributing food and relief supplies to survivors through localized strategies. Other examples of long-term assistance include helping with home repairs and providing building materials and homewares.

So far, Convoy of Hope has helped more than 115,000 people in dozens of communities around Fort Myers recover from Hurricane Ian, and has mobilized more than 1,500 volunteers across the state of Florida.

Thank you, Hillside, for helping the hurting and broken across the world and our nation alike.
Above: A Hope Response Team in Florida hands out food. 

Building Moments and Memories

Lake Geneva Christian Center Construction

Above: An architectural rendering of the current development at LGGC.
ALEXANDRIA, MN: Children, students, and leaders all come to Lake Geneva Christian Center [LGGC] with the expectation of powerful worship, preaching, and extended times in God’s presence.  Because of the growth in numbers, the altar is no longer just a space at the front of the worship center, but the entire building is now utilized.  Each summer more students come to Christ and experience the presence of the Lord.

The number of campers at LGGC continues to grow year after year, a trend which continued with this last summer. In the past 5 years alone, they've seen a 20% overall increase in year-round campground usage. Because of this significant growth, they are in the process of adding a new mixed-use housing structure with sleeping accommodations for 224 additional campers.

Pastor Clarence St. John and Supt. Mark Dean have been meeting with church leaders and friends of the camp regarding partnering in this project. Here at Hillside Church, we have answered the call and are partnering with the Minnesota District to invest in the next generation of students. The hope is that with more beds, more lives will be given to Christ, and more young people will find a faith in Jesus that lasts. 
Above: a topographical survey with the development highlighted in red.

The Rooyakkers

Helping a Missionary Family

Above: The Rooyakker family in front of their missions coffee shop. 
TALLINN, ESTONIA: In 2021, our church helped launch Patrick and Aleena Rooyakker – along with their 4 kids Nikoy, Atuk, Mudjok, and Greatness – into the missions field of Estonia. Estonia is the most secular nation in the world, with less than 1% of their population believing in Jesus. The Rooyakkers expected to meet opposition, apathy, and atheism when it came to being in Estonia as missionaries, but they didn't expect the hardship that came.

Soon after moving to Estonia, Patrick and Aleena's daughter Mudjok [MJ] started getting sick. There were various symptoms that left MJ unable to walk for more than a few steps. After seeking help at the Children's hospital in Estonia, the Rooyakkers were told that MJ likely had some malignant form of cancer.

Aleena and MJ then flew back to the United States to seek help at Mayo Clinic in Rochester, MN. After weeks of multiple scans, tests, and blood draws, the doctors were able to rule out any cancer, and were able to diagnose MJ with Juvenile Arthritis. But as we know, treatment of that caliber does not come without a cost.

Following this story and moved by compassion for the Rooyakkers, Pastors Jonah and Jenna Stalsberg put out a challenge for Hillside's youth group: let's help lighten the load. Through their giving to Kingdom Builders and a number of very generous donors, our church was able to provide $4000 to the Rooyakkers to help with their medical expense. In a thank you message, the Rooyakkers said, "This is such a HUGE BLESSING, we truly can't thank you enough!"

Thank you, Hillside, for being a church who cares about sending people out and helping them stay on the missions field. 
Above: Mudjok Rooyakker. 

The Joneses

Building the Kingdom of God

Above: The Jones Family
ESWATINI, AFRICA: In 2018, the king of Swaziland decided to rename the nation to Eswatini. Yes, there are still kings powerful enough to do things like that in the 21st century. But beyond the name change, perhaps this king will go down in history as one who opened Eswatini to the gospel.

Our missionaries in Eswatini, Mark and Anjali Jones, reported that the king was very open to giving them land on which they could build churches. To the king, this was simply a way to develop more of the unused and uninhabited space in their country. But to the Kingdom of God, this was a huge opportunity.

In 2020, the Joneses reported that, with our church's financial support, they were able to build a brand new church in Eswatini. Praise be to God!

Since then, their building projects have only increased. They are constantly transporting materials, hauling heavy equipment, and moving from place to place. With this increase in activity, they began to experience some issues with their transportation. Roads in Eswatini are not the most conducive to travel in the first place, but trying to haul everything with a car on those same roads proved very difficult.

So this year, partnering with Speed The Light, the AG youth missions program, Hillside Church was able to provide the Jones family with enough money to buy a brand new truck – one that can traverse difficult roads and haul all the necessary equipment for the Jones family to continue literally building the Kingdom of God.  
Above: A plaque on the church in Eswatini.  
Below: A Speed The Light Vehicle.

2022 Projects

Convoy of Hope
Provides disaster relief, compassion, and outreach wherever catastrophe strikes. This international organization is known for their quick, effective presence.

Lake Geneva Christian Center
An Assemblies of God campground that provides a space for groups and churches to host camps, conferences, and retreats. We are helping them expand their campground with new construction to house more people and touch more lives.

Rooyakker's Medical Expense
One of our beloved missionary families that we helped send out had a frightening and expensive diagnosis. Hillside youth provided assistance in covering the medical expense.

Speed the Light
Providing vehicles and tools for missionaries across the world to access hard-to-reach places and peoples. This year, Hillside provided a truck for our missionaries in Eswatini.

The Salvation Army
Hillside Church provided new clothes dryers for our local chapter of the Salvation Army.
Boys and Girls Missionary Challenge
BGMC is the missions education program for all kids in the Assemblies of God. BGMC equips kids to know, to care, to pray, to give, and to reach the lost. They have a two-fold purpose, to reach the children of the world and to create a heart of compassion in kids.

Chi Alpha
This nationwide ministry places missionaries on college campuses. They do outreach, evangelism, and are known for their excellent discipleship.

MN Adult and Teen Challenge
Providing Christian  recovery programming for those in Minnesota who have substance-abuse issues. Hillside is a proud sponsor of this ministry.

The Love Initiative
Providing benevolence and assistance to local families in need through the giving of gas cards, grocery cards, and more.

College Scholarships
Hillside provided a number of scholarships for young people attending schools of ministry. We believe in the next generation.
Bridging the Gap
Bridging the Gap is the Minnesota Assemblies of God's women's ministry, which comes alongside women all across the state. This year, Hillside was able to give to their Hope Project, which provides girls in underdeveloped countries with adequate hygiene products to keep them in their classrooms.

River of Life AG (Blue Earth, MN)
Hillside and a few other churches in our area helped cover the expenses of black mold removal at the church's parsonage in Blue Earth.

The REACH Youth Drop-In Center
This ministry in Mankato provides youth with a variety of services, including basic needs, housing and shelter options, and support and education.

Sarreen Ministries
This group provides ministry, outreach, and evangelism to the large Somali population of Minneapolis.

Gentle Shepherd Ministries
This local ministry goes to a place often overlooked by churches: nursing homes. They bring relationship and evangelism in where it doesn't often go. 

Our Missionaries

Travis & Kari 
Arab World (Sensitive)

Jon & Jennifer Dahlager
Costa Rica

Troy & Heidi Darrin

Tim & Susanna
East Africa (Sensitive)

Mark & Janie Durene

Mark & Anjali Jones

Al & Stephanie
Central Eurasia (Sensitive)

Jon & Elissa Kuert
Minneapolis, MN (U of M Chi Alpha)
Paul & Robyn Kramer

Dareth & Thida Ly

Luke & Tanya McKinley

Bob McKay

Steve & Natalie 
Arab World (Sensitive)

Charles & Tahnya Porter

Phil & Denise Reed
Micah & Essie 
The Silk Road (Sensitive)

Wayne & Natalie 
Central Eurasia (Sensitive)

Patrick & Kalyna Stitt

Mike & Brooke 
Arab World (Sensitive)

Phil & Katja Zarns

Chris & Monica Delaurentis
Minneapolis, MN [ICCM]

James & Cara Tilus 
Minneapolis, MN [U of M Chi Alpha]

Tim & Rachel Wentz
Mankato, MN [MSU Chi Alpha]

2023 Projects

Priority One
Starting, building, and maintaining Bible Schools for the next generation of pastors all over the world.

Project 42
42% of the world has little or no access to the Gospel of Jesus Christ. This organization seeks to overcome that issue through mobilization, scripture translation, church planting, and compassion.

Lake Geneva Christian Center
We will continue our support in partnership with the Minnesota District to help finish the LGGC building.

Africa's Hope
Africa’s Hope equips and resources over 23,000 emerging leaders through the efforts of more than 380 Bible colleges and training programs. These students carry the hope of the gospel and are highly dedicated to seeing a healthy church established within walking distance of every African.
Convoy of Hope
We will continue to support Convoy of Hope in their disaster relief efforts to be the hands and feet of Christ.

Inner City Christian Ministries
We will be sending teams up to Minneapolis to help ICCM continue their construction of the Life House, an apartment building for those in need.

Hillside Missions Trip 2023
We will be sending a team to help out one of our missionaries in 2023. Stay tuned for more info!
Standing Stone Ministries
Studies show that Pastors are leaving the ministry in droves, usually due to burn out. Standing Stone provides free counseling to pastors who need somebody to help them get through the work of ministry.

Local Outreach
We are hoping to host an outreach event which will help those in our community know that we are here to help them find hope in Jesus.

Hillside Stewardship Fund
Looking forward to the future, we want to be actively saving towards whatever God might have in store for our church.